Rossi Legal can provide you with legal advice and representation in relation to criminal charges, both summary and indictable. 

If you are charged with a criminal offence or placed under arrest it is important that you immediately obtain legal advice from an experienced lawyer who understands the criminal justice system. It is important that this legal advice is obtained before you are interviewed by police or answer any questions. 

Our lawyers can explain the charges to you and the penalties which may apply. We can represent you in the relevant Court and also provide you with advice in relation to bail applications and home detention applications. We can also advise you how a criminal charge or criminal conviction may impact on your employment, travel plans or any family law disputes which may be current or pending at the time of the charge.

In relation to traffic offences we can provide you with advice in relation to a potential loss of licence and demerit points, and whether any challenges can be made in order to protect your ongoing employment and your licence.

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