Claims for personal injury on behalf of children is a specialist area of personal injury law.

Rossi Legal has considerable experience in these claims which, as well as general personal injury claims, can involve sexual abuse or injury claims against schools and other institutions. 

We work with families in dealing with these institutions, both in the courts and through the office of the Ombudsman.

Claims can be complex and involve obtaining specialist medical evidence from experts experienced in treating children in relation to these matters.

Rossi Legal can assist in all aspects of the claim, including sourcing appropriate medical and other expert evidence.

If you have the care of a child who has suffered injury, then you should seek legal advice about whether a claim might be lodged for them. As children do not have the legal capacity to make a claim, they require an adult representative known as a litigation guardian. The litigation guardian, who is usually a person responsible for the care of the child, is ultimately responsible for the claim and legal costs until the child reaches adulthood.

Time limits for claims involving children do not run until the child turns 18 years old. However, they can be resolved before that time with approval of a Court.

At Rossi Legal, we have solicitors with experience in children's claims, especially those involving catastrophic injury. During a first no-obligation interview, we can provide you with advice about the short and long term aspects of a children's claim.

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