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Workers Compensation - Making Informed Decisions

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 10:45am



Rarely a week goes by without a serious workplace accident making headlines. Yet what we read are the most extreme cases, which make up a small proportion of the workers’ compensation claims that arise from workplace incidents.

Having represented thousands of employers, ,workers and self-insured employers, we understand the pain and trauma involved in any claim. Having acted on both sides, it means we are able to provide balanced advice and perspective.

If you are a worker, we recognise that this can be an emotionally charged period of your life. Fortunately, Rossi Legal has acted in all major areas of workplace injury and can provide valuable advice tailored to your situation. If you have lost your capacity to work and are suffering pain, it can be difficult to think clearly about the best way to proceed. However, it is critical that you make informed decisions about the key questions: “Do I have a claim and what should I do now?”

If you are an employer or self-insured employer, our workplace lawyers are experienced in advising and helping you to reach commercial outcomes.  However, should your matter need to proceed to trial, we will act diligently on your behalf.

We suggest you use your first no-obligation consultation with our experienced Adelaide workplace lawyers to raise all of the questions you have, as well as the doubts and concerns that may be troubling you.

We will be representing you from start to finish. As one of Adelaide’s leading specialists in workers’ compensation claims, that means you can draw on our decades of experience – and success – to achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.

Remember that our initial consultation is your chance to understand the process and ask any questions. You can also find more details at our Workplace Injury FAQ. Questions about how we will proceed to protect your rights, how long it will take, the possible payout and the associated costs will all be considered in this first meeting.

As you will read elsewhere on our website, if you decide not to engage us, there is no charge.

If you do proceed, you can get an idea of costs by reading our article here: Work Injury Law - How Much will it cost?

 This article outlines process, including how to seek a review of a decision by the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

If you would like to know more or would like to schedule a free first meeting to assess your situation, please contact our Adelaide office on (08) 8125 7000.

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