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Thursday, September 20, 2018 4:52pm


"Tony Rossi - if you think you've been defamed, it's a good start to call this man"...

This was the caption in the article by Paul Starick and Michael McGuire as published on Adelaide Now on 17/9/2018.  Read the article as follows:  

Defamation law heavyweight sets clock ticking

MUCH interest at the potentially spicy legal stoush embroiling two female MPs.

Child Protection Minister Rachel Sanderson is threatening to sue Jayne Stinson over controversial public statements made by the new Labor MP.

Stinson, the opposition’s child protection spokeswoman, has 28 days to respond.

The Liberal MP for Adelaide’s lawyer, Tony Rossi, is considered a defamation law heavyweight. The Law Society’s immediate past president acted for Premier Steven Marshall last year after aspiring kingmaker Nick Xenophon threatened legal action over pre-election Labor deal claims. In 1997, former deputy premier Graham Ingerson paid Rossi’s firm a $30,000 settlement over statements loss-of-sex-life WorkCover claims were a rort.

While having no Lib links, he has known Ministers David Pisoni and Vickie Chapman for 30 years. Last year he criticised ex-AG-now-SC John Rau for his “lack of respect” to the profession.

Back in July, 1996, The Advertiser reported the defamation action against Ingerson was settled on advice from the Crown Solicitor.

``The settlement has been made for pragmatic reasons to avoid any further expense, even though the defences to the claim were available,'' Ingerson said at the time, adding there had been no trial, no judgment and no apology made or agreed to.

Back in 1996, Ingerson said he was insured against the payout by a Government indemnity provider established under the previous Labor government.

(Article as reported on on 17/9/2018)


Harmful statements can have devastating consequences for the reputation of a person or business. If the statements are untrue, and cause you significant loss, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation for defamation. 

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