Tony graduated with an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Laws in May 1982 and was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of South Australia and Federal and High Courts of Australia from December of that year.

He is a senior member of the profession with extensive experience as both solicitor and counsel in most civil jurisdictions. He has appeared as counsel for Rossi Legal and a number of other law firms in the High Court, Federal Court, Supreme Court, District Court, South Australian Employment Tribunal, Industrial Relations Court of South Australia, Fair Work Commission, Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Equal Opportunities Tribunal.

Tony has been involved in many of the leading cases in the areas of workers compensation, workplace law and common law damages claims for personal injury. 

In defamation law he has represented some of the leading politicians of this State.

He is also a public notary able to certify documents for use overseas.

Tony was the 2017 President of the Law Society of South Australia, having served as a member of the Law Society's Council and its Executive for several years.  To read articles published by Tony Rossi as President, click here.

In 2018, Tony continued as a member of both the Executive and the Council of the Society in the capacity of its immediate past president. 

Tony joined the Law Society's Accident Compensation Committee in May 2014, and has been the Chair of the Committee since January 2015.  In that role, he has been responsible for co-ordinating the Society's submissions relating to the development and implementation of the Return to Work Scheme, the drafting of the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA), and the establishment of the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

Tony also continues to contribute to the Society as a member of a number of its governance and regulatory committees.  He chairs a number of important committees of the Society.

Tony also holds positions as an Advisory Board and Panel Member of the Litigation Assistance Fund, which provides funding to support access to justice for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.  Further, Tony is a director of Lawguard, which has an important part in the regulatory role of insurance for lawyers in this State. 

In 2017 and 2018 Tony has also been a director of the Law Council of Australia which is the peak national body that represents lawyers throughout the country.  At the elections in early December 2018, Tony was appointed to the six member Executive of the Law Council of Australia.  In 2019, he will be the only lawyer from South Australia as a member of the Executive of this peak legal body. 

To read the extensive list of Tony’s contributions to the Society and the legal profession more broadly in this State, click here.



"I could not have been happier with the service I received especially from Tony Rossi. He showed great compassion and at a time where my capacity to make decisions was sorely compromised, he was the voice of calm, rational reason! 

I have on several occasions referred people to Rossi Legal, and will continue to do so if given the opportunity."


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