Cassandra completed her Bachelor of Laws in 2016 at the University of Adelaide and was admitted in the Australian Capital Territory in 2017 and South Australia in 2019.  

Cassandra has worked in the areas of commercial litigation, equity and trusts, and taxation law.  She has considerable expertise in the laws of evidence, having completed her Masters of Legal Practice (with a focus on Litigation) at the Australian National University in 2018.

Cassandra spent several years prior to joining Rossi Legal teaching legislative drafting which provides her with a unique insight into the operation of South Australia’s legal system.  Having had experience teaching others about complex areas of the law, Cassandra excels at simplifying detailed legal arguments for clients.

Cassandra has a special interest in the laws of evidence, trust law, and plain English drafting techniques. This specialised knowledge is helpful in assisting clients to understand large scale and complex matters.  Cassandra currently works in the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation, wills and estates, and civil litigation.

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